When Is a Flight Considered Delayed?

If you are waiting at the airport and your flight seems to run a bit late, you might wonder if your flight is delayed or not. Your flight can arrive but a few minutes later than what they promised but no one announced that the flight got delayed. To help you learn whether you flight is considered delayed or not, here is some good information for you.


The Time

Typically airlines and airports will follow the same guidelines for when they consider a flight to be delayed. If a flight arrives or departs within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, then it is still considered on time. However, if the flight departs of arrives longer than 15 minutes of the scheduled time, it would be considered delayed. You should make sure your flight got delayed if there was no announcement and it has been longer than 15 minutes.

Flight Delay Compensation

You can get paid when your flight gets delayed to as much as 600 euros! Depending on why your flight got delayed, you can claim your compensation for flight delay. Just make sure you get a detailed reason, especially if they only tell you it was extraordinary circumstances but do not explain anymore than that. If you are not sure about how you can get flight compensation, you can visit airclaim.com. They are experts at helping you get compensated for airline issues as quickly as possible.

Know the Reason

As mentioned earlier, the most important way to know if you can get compensation for your flight delay is by knowing what caused your flight delay. While there are a number of reasons that cause flight delays, one of the most common is adverse weather conditions. Adverse weather conditions fall under extraordinary circumstances, but airlines should know that weather change is normal. Unless there was a very bad storm up ahead or thick fog, you might be able to get compensation because the airlines should know that there are heavy winters in some countries at certain times of the year.

A flight can get delayed because they are waiting for connecting flights or baggage. While this might frustrate you while you are on the flight, you might want to keep in mind that you might want the flight to wait for you if you are running a bit late. It takes some time for baggage and passengers to leave one plane and to board another. However, if it is taking too long you may get compensated for the amount of time that you waited.

Technical issues can cause flight delays. Mechanics will check the airplane before every flight and if they deem that the airplane is not ready to fly, they will delay the flight until the issue is fixed. Most technical issues are within the airline’s control, which means that you can claim flight compensation for the delay.

It is important to know when your flight is considered delayed. This will let you know when your expected arrival time would be and will help you know if you can claim compensation too.